A New Testimonial From Rocco

A couple of weeks ago, one of our customers, Rocco, came in all the way from Langley to request 12 lamb racks for Easter. While speaking to Kris, our butcher (and the best butcher in Surrey, BC), Rocco mentioned the spices he uses in his lamb recipe and Kris was interested in trying them. Today, we found Rocco in our store looking for Kris with the spices he spoke of! I got to talking to Rocco and he told me that he had come in yesterday as well to give the spices to Kris but Kris had left for the day already, so he made the long trip again today, just to give our butcher some spices. This is the level of dedication our customers have, not only to our butcher, Kris, but our other experts such as Tony our produce manager and Gordie, our bakery manager. When I asked Rocco why he shops here, he told me, “I don’t like shopping in the big stores because they are not customer-oriented. When I shop, I like to talk to someone who has knowledge and who has a desire to inform me. I am from Europe, so this is the way I like to shop. PricePro is like a mini Costco to me, and I get treated very well. Otherwise, I wouldn’t come all the way from langley!”

Thank you, Rocco, for your kind words and your continued patronage.

PricePro sells fresh, local lamb straight from Chilliwack. It is hormone-free and meets Animal Care standards.

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