Monday, March 5th at PricePro – Twinings Earl Grey Tea, Homemade Lasagna & Flowers!

Come grab your lunch at our snack bar! All our meals are homemade in house every day, and absolutely delicious. Today, you have your choice of:

Chicken Fried Rice

Plus, our soup of the day is Cream of Mushroom. Don’t forget about the staples, too! Every day we have hamburgers, hot dogs, ice cold drinks and more!

Grocery Savings

1. Twinings Earl Grey Tea – 50 tea bags. This week just $3.97 Compare at $7.99!
Twinings Earl Grey
2. Flowers! We have Cut Tulips this week at $2.99/Bunch!

Cut Tulips Surrey BC

3. Geraniums are $1.99

Geraniums Surrey BC

4. Primula is still .79 cents!

Primula Polyanthus Surrey BC

5. 3lb Minneola Tangelos Oranges, just $1.99!

minneola tangelos Surrey BC

6. Ocean’s Albacore Tuna SnacKit 8 pack – Costco carries these for $8.89 – we are selling these for $4.44!

Tuna snack Surrey BC

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