What The Brassard’s Had To Say About PricePro

The Brassard's

The Brassard’s are a French-Canadian couple who shop at PricePro. They had this to say about it:

We make our own bacon at home and we have not been able to find the right cut of meat for it until we came to PricePro. We asked Curtis in the meat department and he said that yes, they carry the cut we need. When we saw the size of the piece of pork and the price of it, we were amazed. The pricing is great! We get good advice from Curtis and Kris in the meat department, too. We are going to do an Easter ham and they explained how to brine it, where to inject the marinade, etc. Whenever we ask for anything, it is never a problem. The pumpernickel in the bakery is the best I’ve ever had!

Thanks for your kind words, guys!
The Brassard's

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