Shining review from Melnick International Group

From Moneca Melnick:

Dear PricePro team,

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Moneca Melnick, I am the CEO and company director for Melnick International Group, Inc. We are the only authorized retailer of Royale beauty products in Alberta, Canada.

I am writing this letter to the PricePro team to express my amazement with all the individuals working at PricePro. Personally, my company’s main goal is excellent customer service. Having said that, whenever making a trip to PricePro I am greeted by not only smiling team members but sincerity and passion for the work they are doing.

It’s one thing to greet a customer and ask them if they need help finding anything but its another to do it sincerely and truly help a customer in need. I am not one to ever write letters to any organization and I have had many years of experience with customer service. I find the difference with PricePro is that every individual wants to be there and has a purpose. They assist customers because they want to and not because they are told to do so. That is the difference. This is not only refreshing, but very rare and hard to find.

I’ve been in stores with “excellent” customer service, but this store is much different. The environment and individuals make this the perfect model for an all-round amazing shopping experience. The store will continue to get my personal recommendation and support.

Keep up the great work!

Yours Truly,

Moneca Melnick

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